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17 September 2008 @ 04:42 pm
Classes, Dutch life, and empty days...  
Classes have started and they’re pretty interesting I suppose. (I’m taking History of Renaissance Art, Intercultural Communications, Media Criticism and Theory, and my Honors Seminar) I knew it would be difficult to juggle the travel and schoolwork but it feels pretty impossible now that we’re syllabus in-hand. We’re trying to plan out the traveling ASAP so that we can just be concerned with schoolwork during the week but when papers and projects start to get hairy, and it’s more than just reading, it’s going to be a challenge (especially since most of us aren’t bringing our computers on the weekends as a safety precaution).

Other than that it’s been life as usual here on the Well campus. Weeknights are a little lonely but there’s plenty of time for homework which is great, and has been what I’ve been doing. Plus catching up with my TV shows on-demand online.

This weekend we’re going to Amsterdam this weekend, and perhaps Venlo on Thursday — it’ll be interesting to figure out the buses and trains while seeing a little bit more of Dutch life. I never thought I would be as appreciative or curious about the Netherlands as I am now that I’m here. I’ve spent the last week here without going out and I’ll spend another week — the first trip I’ll be leaving this country for is Belgium (Brussels! Bruges!) and I’m trying to look at the trips as mini-vacations so I can stay sane.

I am, however, taking naps daily. They’re kind of fabulous.

I think that’s all I really have to share for now.