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14 September 2008 @ 04:15 am
King of the castle! Wah wah wee wah!  
So settling in is easier than I thought it would be I suppose. It’s day two and things are much smoother. I just spoke to my parents and I promise pictures are coming, probably in a little bit, so check my Flickr account soon.

a) Befriend the kid with the wifi passwords. After two days of shitty net I’m getting A++++ service on a weird network. IN MY BEDROOM.

b) Kill spiders and flies, often and early.

c) Show up to the pub, but a few minutes later than others. “Fashionable”. Also, to those coming in the spring — get a Mixed Beer at John’s bar (right out of the castle gate and straight to the end of the street). He’s super nice, it’s 3 euro, and delicious. A word of advice though? Remember that beer here has a higher AC.

d) I think it’s ridiculous how we’re scheduled in orientation activities all weekend. I have only gotten to the town of Well once, not to Venlo yet, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen til Thursday night.

e) If you plan on going to Amsterdam for the first weekend, book early. Early. We barely got a 6-person private room (practically all that was left) and it looks like it’ll be an interesting train in.

f) Weiner Melange in the NesCafe is pretty much the. best. thing. in the world. I have no idea what it is, but I think it’s coffee, chocolate, and sugar? 30 euro cents!

Enough letters. I’m going to watch some Office or a movie or something and maybe pass out with enough energy to wake up a little early and catch a shower in the morning pre-breakfast.

P.S. To everyone who IMmed me and got a snippy Kate — I’m so very sorry! I was booking a hostel, very super stressed, and just in an all together bad mood.