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14 September 2008 @ 04:14 am
Day One  
Oookay. Hello, world. Things have gotten a little shakier since I last saw you.
After 5 hours of orientation, a 6-7 hour flight, another 2 hour drive, and 8 hours of activities here in Kasteel Well I’m finally in my room for the night about to shut the lights off (local time: 930pm).

The trip has been amazing - frustrating, exhilirating, unbelievable at points. I will say that every person I’ve met in the program so far (students and professors) is incredibly friendly and sweet. It has made the lack of sleep, the second through fifteenth wind and taking all of this in possible.

The plane? I was unlucky enough to not sleep through. I’ve stayed up since then to prevent jet lag from taking over. I’ve been fighting sleep for over 24 hours now. The bus ride was actually pretty pleasant, seeing the Dutch countryside from the Amsterdam airport into Well. The castle is pretty unbelievable. My room is growing on me (I hated it at first) but now I’m seeing it for what it is, and it doesn’t feel so bad. I just desperately need to bathe… which is alright because the showers are 6 feet from my bedroom door — woo! However, pulling my suitcases (weighting in at 51.5 and 45lbs respectively) up 3 flights of wooden, curving, uneven stairs by myself wasn’t exactly fun.

A whole bunch of kids are out to Venlo, a local town, to go to an infamous Dutch coffeehouse tonight — too exhausted, a few of us girls stuck around in town and that’s where I am now, about to pass out.

(I apologize if this is disjointed — and I am aware it is terribly so, I’m just incredibly tired and pushing out every last detail I can muster for the curious few).

Tomorrow I plan on heading into Well and getting to know it as well as I tried to orient myself with the castle itself this afternoon. I am, however, apparently living in a room that is a wifi deadzone. Also, my international-ready phone didn’t work properly yesterday. A big frustration as I started to get homesick immediately today. I think being alone will be harder than it was last year but I hope to get to know the singles on my floor alot better and maybe that will help.

The food, and this part is for my dad who I know would ask about it, is homecooked and generally really good. The selection, I’m sad to report, is extremely limited, but generally the choices you have (meat or vegetarian, as far as I can tell) are both very good from what I’ve had/observed.

So, tomorrow, Well! Brunch! Some sort of Irish choir? Who knows about that last bit. I suppose I’ll find out later. Until then, I’m jetlagged, tired, excited but wifi-less.

P.S. Oh well, I live in a castle.