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19 September 2008 @ 07:16 pm
the castle is quiet  
I'll be in Amsterdam in 10 hours, just thought I'd give that update. Classes this week were okay, but I've got my work done, and my bag (half) packed -- what does one bring after all for an overnight trip to Amsterdam?

I'm most worried about keeping my possessions safe, I guess. My passport and my cash, and my ipod, I suppose, though I may ditch that last minute here in the room -- not worth bringing if it's just risking being nicked, you know?

Anyway we plan on going to the Van Gogh museum, to Anne Frank's house, to find a sweet little swank bar, walk the canals, and have a few good meals. My budget: 150E (that includes travel/accomodations...aka our hostel for one night). Can I do it? WE'LL SEE.

I'm charging my camera, my phone is charged, and well, I'm just not looking forward to the 6:30am wakeup. Other than that, it's Amsterdam here I come!